Miscellaneous Music

All of the material here was recorded with GarageBand, which I think is a totally great piece of software. The guitars are mostly an American Standard Strat and a Ransom custom knock-off of a Les-Paul Junior. Dan Ransom makes beautiful, playable, great-sounding guitars in his little shop in SF and sells them for reasonable prices as well. The Junior I use is far-and-away the best guitar I've ever owned.

This was supposed to be the soundtrack for a short abstract film that turned out to be far too complicated for me to complete in view of everything else thatwas happening at the time. I did finish the music, though. The music the movie and the poem it's based on are called, "The World's Shortest Romance Novel."

I wrote a piece for chamber orchestra in college based on "Faun" by Sylvia Plath. This was the intro.

"Astral" is very, very New Age (whatever that means) and was a little bit inspired by this Joe Zawinul piano piece called "Milky Way" from Weather Report's first album. The big chords are actually poly-chords where I played two chord progressions one over the top of the other.

This is some basic wanking where I tried to play as many harmonics in one blues chorus as Roy Buchanan (and failed).

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